He has <i>not</i>.

He has not.

The editor Maelzel mentions is William Coleman, who wrote the editorial featured on the previous page (bottom left corner).

Note to sensitive readers:
Starting in a few more pages, and continuing through the rest of the book, there will be some scenes to which I will add trigger warnings. Since the notes for the page come after the image itself, it doesn't do me much good to put a warning on the page containing the material in question, so I'll be adding it here the week before. If you're especially sensitive, I suggest picking up either the RSS or LiveJournal feed from the JanerBlog,-- or just visiting the JanerBlog as your starting point for the comic -- because there I'll have a clickthrough image and the warnings will be front and center. Upcoming scenes contain sexual harassment, overt antebellum racism and depictions of slavery, and 19th century medical conditions, though everything should still be essentially PG-13 and safe for work.